Discover 12 Fun Things To Do With Young Kids in Franklin, TN

Fun Things To Do : Every parent knows that when it comes to family travel, if the kids aren’t happy, no one is! Luckily, that’s not a concern at Franklin – from outdoor adventures to unique toy shops and unforgettable desserts, we’ve got plenty to keep your little ones happy, engaged and thoroughly entertained. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Franklin with young children.

1. SOAR Adventure Tower : Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do
Fun Things To Do

The SOAR Adventure Tower is a massive, four-level climbing tower that kids and adults adore, but it’s also great for little ones. The ground level has a section specially built for children ages 4-7, 19 different climbing elements and a fun 18-hole mini golf course that Fun Things To Do the whole family can enjoy.

2. Paddle Dog

If your kids dream of kayaking or canoeing with them when they’re a little older, a paddle dog is the perfect way to prepare them while they’re still young. Rent kayaks, canoes or paddleboards by the hour and teach the kids how to use them on Westhaven’s serene and Fun Things To Do not-so-big lake.

3. The Franklin Theatre

Whether it’s a classic movie, concert, or play, the historic Franklin Theater always has something going on, and its many movies and shows are perfect for little ones. Current, upcoming live events include a Beatles cover band for kids, a live dog show called Puppy Pals, and family-friendly movies like The Princess Bride. Tickets are always reasonable, so check out the schedule and see what fits the bill for your crew!

4. Nolensville Toy Shop

Remember how you felt as a child walking into a really grand toy store? Your kids can have the same experience in downtown Nolensville at the Nolensville Toy Shop, where a beautiful historic home is filled with every toy and game you can imagine. Then, head over to Itty Bitty Donuts for mini-made donuts drizzled with out-of-this-world chocolate.

5. Pinkerton Park

If you’re looking for the best playground in town, Pinkerton Park is the place to go. Take the stroller on the paved walking trail or head straight to the Tinkerbell playground, which has tire mazes, cool hiding places, a sandpit and more. The park has restrooms, picnic tables and grills, making it the perfect place for Fun Things To Do a family gathering.

6. Mistletoe Farms

For a truly unforgettable experience, visit with the alpacas at Mistletoe Farm! You can book half-hour sessions with five people and one-hour sessions with ten people. All you need is a camera, your fam and a few extra friends. You’re ready to capture adorable visual memories among some of the cutest, cutest animals you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

7. Sugar Drop

Surprise your child with a visit to Sugar Drop and I guarantee they will be thrilled. Sugar Drop’s dream shakes look like they’re straight out of a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They are filled with candy, baked goods and ice cream and you can easily split between two or three people. Sugar Drop also serves delicious cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes and ice cream, so be prepared to take the goodies with you when you leave!

8. Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary

This privately owned nature preserve and owl sanctuary is open to the public Monday through Saturday and has plenty of family-friendly events throughout the year, as well as several rescued and rehabilitated owls that your kids will love to see up close. Check the Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary website before you visit to see when family events are happening and to reserve a spot or book day passes if you want to hike the trails.

9. The Monkey’s Treehouse

Your little ones are sure to adore Monkey’s Treehouse. This well-equipped indoor playground includes a multi-room treehouse, a miniature town village, car and train tables, doll houses, a baby nursery, a puppet theater and an art studio. If you’ve got a baby in tow, Fun Things To Do you’ll appreciate their covered section for ages two and under with soft blocks and other baby-friendly toys.

10. Farmers Markets

I find that kids are more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables if they pick them at the farmers market. Fortunately, Franklin has the best. You’ll find the Franklin Farmers Market at The Factory on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. It has dozens of vendors selling everything from local produce, meats and freshly baked breads to arts and crafts. I’m also a fan of the Nolensville Farmers Market at 7248 Nolensville Road, Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Then, if they behave, take the kids to the wonderful Nolensville toy store!)


In conclusion, Franklin and its surrounding areas offer a delightful blend of activities catering to both children and adults alike. Whether it’s the thrill of climbing at the SOAR Adventure Tower, the cinematic charm of the Franklin Theatre, or the simple joys of picking fresh produce at local farmers’ markets, there’s something for every member of the family. These experiences not only provide entertainment but also foster cherished memories that families will treasure for years to come.

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