Take Out: Queer Writing from Asian Pacific America
This collection of queer writing brings together established and emerging artists to define their personal and collective vision as gays and lesbians. The visual, literary, and performance works probe a variety of topics —domesticity, pop culture, camp, Hollywood, fairy tales, and Asia. To order this book, please contact the Asian American Writers Workshop at:  212-494-0061 or desk@aaww.org

Tilting the Continent:
Southeast Asian American Writing

This anthology of American writers originally from Southeast Asia includes poems and short stories by 41 “emerging” writers in English. The book has been divided into themes such as “Family” and “Eating.” Some of the writers are already well known, and the others, with one or two exceptions, have already been published. All the writers deal with making a life in the US while recognizing their differences and traumas.

50 Gay and Lesbian Books Everybody Must Read
Gay topics have been central to most national literary traditions, whether in fiction, memoir, drama, or verse. Yet “crossover” success stories are remarkably few. Furthermore, openly gay-themed books tend to get passed over in favor of works more evidently addressing “universal” or “mainstream” concerns. No longer: Here's the book that cues you in to the essential titles in the gay and lesbian literary canon.